EST 2022

Falooda is an amalgamation of flavors. A cesspool of sweetness. Falooda tastes good in your mouth and feels equally good to say out loud.

Say it.


Falooda is a dessert, it’s also a fun(ny) word. It’s a merger of unexpected colors and textures, uniting into a delectable final form, product, brand identity, book, website, campaign…

Falooda Edits is the design practice of Samaaya Jayamaha, Mariam Khan, Jack Magnus, Jada Akoto and Alejandro Molestina. We are interested in offering simultaneous experiments and solutions. We prioritize making joyful and multifaceted work for clients that range from established brands, newborn nonprofits to independent artists.

Falooda’s work is a celebration of cross-cultural narratives and merging mediums. Building bridges between disparate connections and stories, every project is a map to link the in betweens. Typography, image making and world building alike challenge interpretations, drive conversations and shape conceptually delectable experiences.

The Falooda Girls are always working: remotely [and occasionally in person] between Los Angeles, New York City and Seattle.